Zeal | Freedom Church



Zeal exists to see lives changed! We believe that students' lives can be better and more exciting when they enter in to a relationship with Jesus.

What Happens at Zeal?

Zeal is for ages 11-16. Before every Zeal event we have pre-event games. What happens during this time will vary, according to different locations, but it could be anything from playing football to playing on an Xbox One. This is an opportunity for students to spend time with friends and have fun. This is then followed by an exciting event, including relevant worship, short films and a short message specifically talking about topics that are relevant to students' lives.

How Does Zeal Work?


The church should be the most relevant thing in the world, so we show students that in everything we do, Jesus is relevant to their life, and he wants to change it for the better.


We want Zeal to be the most fun thing that happens in a student's week!


The most relevant and fun aspect of Zeal will be the relationships students build with each other and with Zeal volunteers. We want students to feel that they belong and can be themselves every time they come through the doors.

"Freedom is a promise and freedom is a choice."

Josh Cooke, Zeal Pastor

The Great Fa├žade

Zeal Groups

We believe in the value of community and friendship, so students also have the opportunity to be part of a small group with other students of a similar age, and an older small group leader. This helps students build great relationships and have healthy influences in their lives.


All volunteers are trained and have had criminal background checks (DBS in the UK). There will also be a safety team in operation on Friday nights, who ensure the safety of our facilities. Our check-in facility allows us to know who is in attendance at Zeal.