Freedom Church



Our DNA express the character and personality of our church. These are principles that come from the very heart of who God is, defining the culture across all of our Freedom Church locations. We desire to be more like Jesus every day, and believe that is how we will change our world.

Expressive Passion

Loving Jesus with all that we are. Expressing outwardly the work that God has done inwardly.

Everyone Matters

Making our lives about loving others. Caring for people and connecting them into community.

Personal Ownership

Taking personal responsibility for the vision of the church. Investing our lives into God's purpose.

Consistent Growth

Pursuing God every day. Embracing change to become like Jesus. Being good stewards of all that He has put into our hands.

Amazing Faith

Believing wholeheartedly that God is who He says He is. Taking bold action in line with our convictions.