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Barbarians is our ministry for men.  


In 2006 Pastor Gary Snowzell brought together the young men of Freedom Church Hereford. There were a dozen of them and he asked them a simple question; "What does it mean to live a life that is devoted to Jesus and His kingdom." They would meet regularly and it fast became the highlight of their week 


The meetings would be stripped back, no lights, no sounds system, no pretence.

Passionate prayer, heart thumping worship and a life shaping message. 


What grew from these meetings was a deep love for Christ, a desire to be authentic followers of Jesus and a loyal brotherhood. 


A lot of these young men would go on to become pastors and leaders as we planted churches all over the world in the years to come. 


Today we have the same heart in our Barbarians meetings across the world. 


We are raising men that are sons, brother and warriors.

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