Firestarter | Freedom Church


Empowering people to ignite
new churches worldwide

Our Mission

Building a global community that inspires, supports and equips Freedom Church planters to reach the ends of the earth.

Firestarter is a community of people planting churches worldwide.

Firestarters gather people and build churches in their homes or other venues.

Firestarter churches are gatherings that vary in strategy and approach, but share common characteristics, including:

Fully expressing the Freedom Church DNA
Ranging in size from around three to thirty people
Gathering once a week or more
Using Freedom Church digital content where appropriate
Flexing to be relevant to local culture and language
Having a shared ‘basis of faith’
Committing to pursuing multiplication

Making church planting simple
for anyone anywhere

We offer three things: Culture + Community + Content

Culture that fuels church planting
We know who God has called us to be, and when we live this way, He changes lives. Our strong, defined DNA fuels you in reaching people, changing lives and releasing leaders to multiply the impact.

A global leadership community
The Firestarter community will ignite and sustain you by connecting you to friendship, inspiration and support. We become stronger leaders and make a greater impact when we care for and encourage one another.

All the content you need to plant
Teaching, worship, creativity and more. Our digital library provides training to grow your leadership and strengthen your approach to building church. We’re also providing content that will turn up the heat when you gather.

Who Can Apply?

If you’re passionate about Jesus, love Freedom Church and have a vision to gather people in your home, you’re welcome to apply to become a Firestarter.

We’re inviting applications from two groups of people:

Committed family - people who are already part of Freedom Church and have a vision to plant a Firestarter church in a specific city or community.

Connected friends - people who have connected with Freedom Church, are aligned to our culture, vision and theology and feel a calling to start gathering people.

Interested, but not yet connected to Freedom? Why not take some time to explore our heart and vision by tuning in to our digital content. You’ll find lots of it on this website and on YouTube.

Take a Next Step

If you would like to explore becoming a Firestarter, we would love to connect. Before we do that, there are four simple steps we would love you to take.

1. Get to know us
The best way to do this is to tune in to our digital content (you can access it via this website or on YouTube), or visit one of our locations.

2. Pray on it
Ask God ‘Is Firestarter for me?’ Becoming a Firestarter involves volunteering your time and making a commitment to care for and lead others. A sense of calling is vital in planting a church. If you're currently part of Freedom Church, please speak to your location leader before getting in touch with the Firestarter team.

3. Watch these videos
We've put together a set of videos to help guide you as you consider whether to apply to become a Firestarter. Please watch these videos before getting in touch with us.

Welcome to Firestarter
Who are we?
Am I called?
When is it the right time?
Leaving well

If you’ve done all of the above and are still keen to take a next step, then please ...

4. Get in touch with us
Please tell us a bit about yourself. We’re looking forward to connecting with you.

Our Leaders

Chris and Karin head up Firestarter. They have been part of Freedom Church since 2003, and have led many areas of the church in that time, including caring for and leading our location leaders around the world. Chris and Karin are passionate about Jesus and about planting churches.

Get In Touch

If you have any other questions about Firestarter, feel free to drop us a line on [email protected].