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Image by Stijn Hanegraaf
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Pastors Becky & Greg Poole


Sundays @ 11:00 am 




Schiestraat 20,

3013 AH




Rotterdam is a vibrant city with people from all over the world living and working. Our Church reflects this with a diverse set of cultures and backgrounds. Wherever you are from and whatever your beliefs are we would love to warmly welcome you. Our Church unapologetically preaches the Gospel. We are a Church fully committed in Rotterdam to connect with and love people, so our messages and worship is communicated relevant to our time.

Our vision statement is to 'connect anyone, anywhere to a life changing relationship with Jesus,' so please come and be part of the incredible adventure that God is taking our Church on. So you know, our Church is actually one Church, many locations. This means that we are connected globally to our other locations, so we share the same message. Here in Rotterdam we have a focus on supporting Freedom Churches here in Europe.



During our church event we have a mixture of worship, creativity, relevant teaching from the Bible, true stories of what God has done in the lives of people, and lots of life and passion!


We have different children's areas available for kids that are 4 months to 11 years and have a room for parents and babies under 4 months with baby changing facilities available. Our Kids groups are split into three age ranges to ensure that the activities are engaging and relevant to each and every child, in a safe and secure environment. Arrive a bit earlier to give a bit of time to register your kids.


If you join us for the first time we would love to get you a free drink after our event and give you an opportunity to ask anything about our faith and our church. The heart of Freedom Church is to connect anyone, anywhere to a life changing relationship with Jesus. We do that in Rotterdam through creating community, focusing on God through singing and celebrating with music, and teaching centred around Jesus.

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