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Pastors Lewis and Liliana Greenow


Sundays @ 4:00PM



Greek Evangelical Church, 

10, Platonos, 



Whoever you are and whatever part of the world you are from, you are so welcome to join us at Freedom Church Limassol. We believe that this great city and nation have got so much to offer- not just because of its history and its beauty - but because of how God is moving through the Church in this part of the world.



Whatever Freedom Church you walk into, you can expect a warm welcome, passionate worship, and Bible-based teaching- and Freedom Church Limassol is no different.

Our church events vary from week to week, but we usually have worship, creativity, and a Bible-based message to inspire you to live a purpose-filled life. 

After our event, you can spend some time meeting people and chatting over refreshments. We believe that church doesn’t end when the service finishes and our caffe time is designed to help you find your community in Limassol. ​


We want children to feel at home in Freedom Church Limassol. During the service, children are encouraged to join our worship time in the adult service. They are then split into different age ranges to ensure that the activities are engaging and relevant to each child, in a safe and secure environment. Arrive a bit earlier to give you a bit of time to register your kids.


If you join us for the first time, we would love to get to know you and make space for you to ask questions about the Christian faith and our church. Our heart in Freedom Church Limassol is to connect you to a life-changing relationship with Jesus. We hope to do that by helping you find a church community that can inspire you to live a purposeful life.

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