What kind of church is Freedom Church? | Freedom Church

What kind of church is Freedom Church?

People would typically consider Freedom to be a charismatic, evangelical church, if these sorts of groupings are helpful to you. If they’re not, we’re a lively, passionate, contemporary church, where we try to make church fun, engaging and accessible to people of all backgrounds, especially those who wouldn’t usually come along to church.

You’re unlikely to see some of the things you might be familiar with in more traditional churches in Freedom Church (eg, formal dress code, pews, the altar, incense etc.). This is because churches vary greatly according to their denomination, traditions, leadership, and the way worship and content is delivered.

We celebrate this diversity as Christians, as we’re not all looking for the same thing from church and variety helps ensure that church is able to reach as many people as possible.

Although churches differ, there is much that unites us, especially in terms of our shared theology, the fundamental things we believe about God. You can find out more about our beliefs on the About pages of this website.