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What is ‘Ownership’ in Freedom Church?

Ownership in Freedom Church is similar to the ‘membership’ or ‘partnership’ model that operates in many churches around the world, where people who are attending a church ‘join’, to help the church understand who is and who isn’t a committed part of the church family.

All kinds of organisations operate similar models in order to help simplify and clarify a range of things from communication (letting people know about news or changes) to involvement (understanding who is willing to hold responsibility and contribute time and finance to help sustain programmes). In the context of church, this also helps bring clarity around care, as ‘owners’ may expect to receive a greater level of pastoral care or support than someone who occasionally visits on a Sunday, but may worship regularly elsewhere.

Ownership in Freedom Church does not involve legal obligations or formal requirements. It is a relational agreement to help ensure the people at the heart of the church are moving in the same direction and agree on the vision, values and beliefs of the church. People are free to enter into Ownership and step out of it at any point.

For more information on Ownership, speak to the Next Steps team in a Freedom Church location.