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Freedom Heroes

Freedom Heroes has taken boys and young men living on the streets in Kampala, Uganda on a journey home. Working in partnership with our church in Kampala and Abaana Ministries, we have supported and resettled boys and young men back into their families. We also support them through full-time education to help equip them for a brighter future.

There are an estimated 20,000 children living on the streets in Kampala, Uganda. An estimated 75% of these are boys and young men. For many of these children, the connection to family and home has broken down. However many children still have extended families willing to care for and accommodate them. Freedom Heroes has helped to journey children off the streets and back into family. We also continue to provide support to help fund full-time education.

We provide practical support to boys and young men so they’re able to undertake full-time primary, secondary, vocational and university education. Boaz is one of these young men. After the death of his mother and the breakdown of his family, Boaz found himself living on the streets of Kampala at the age of just 11.

Life on the streets is very challenging but Boaz was fortunate. He connected with a ministry caring for children living on the streets, a ministry that became Freedom Heroes. Our team in Kampala helped reconnect Boaz with members of his family and he has been able to gain an education. He completed his primary studies at the top of his class and he is now studying Computer Sciences at a Vocational Institute.

Everyone Matters

Many people view the children we work with as a ‘statistic’ or a ‘problem’. To us they are unique and precious. We’re here to help street kids live a purposeful, enjoyable and fulfilling life.

Kids Being Kids

Every child is entitled to love, provision, protection and fun. We help children experience all of these, and they are the foundations of a richer and more rewarding life.

Changing Lives Forever

A ‘hand out’ today doesn’t solve tomorrow’s problems. By meeting practical, physical, emotional and spiritual needs, we’ve supported children in a way that will change their lives forever.

Personal Ownership

Children living on the streets learn quickly how to survive. We help them to thrive, by providing love, care and support, and empowering them to take responsibility for their own lives.