Academy+ | Freedom Church


What Is It?

Academy+ is a year-long course designed specifically for people 30 years of age or older in order to train, inspire, challenge and release the potential of leaders within the Church. The course involves classroom teaching, practical learning opportunities, personal tutoring and leadership experience, and is created to raise and release leaders who will live with a passion for Jesus, and build His Church.

Pastoral Stream

This first term is all about how to pastor people--including discovering full identity in Christ, freedom from your past and how to care, shepherd and lead people!

Church Planting Stream

The second term focuses on how to become a fantastic church planter--including learning about leadership strategies, studying different cultures, understanding how to work in a team, and growing your spiritual gifts within the Church.

Development Stream

The third and final term focuses on your own personal development as a communicator and leader within the Church. How can I better serve my location? What is the difference between leadership and management? These are just a couple of the questions answered in this term.