I Love My Church 2018

It's misunderstood, it's abused and it is still becoming all it can be. And we are it. God's church; the most beautiful, Christ-designed community on the planet. This is why we love it, and if not, why we should.

The Beauty of The Bride

07/01/2018 | Pastor Gary Snowzell

The Church is the Eternal Choir

14/01/2018 | Dave Thomas

Why Do I Need to be Part of a Local Church?

21/01/2018 | Pastor Gary Snowzell

How to Build Community

28/01/2018 | Pastor Heather Snowzell

Steward or Servant | How to be a Jesus volunteer

04/02/2018 | Pastor Gary Snowzell

The Church is Eternal

11/02/2018 | Pastor Gary Snowzell

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