About us

Freedom Church was launched in Bruges in 2012. Since then it's seen people find hope, family, vision and a purpose in life through God. We are a just normal group of people who have found the truth and want to tell other people about it!

What to expect

When you arrive at church on a Sunday morning you will be greeted by a host who would love to welcome you and show you around the building.

Our event begins at 11am, so we will show you where you can take a seat. For the next hour and a quarter there will be music, laughter and a life changing message. During this time the children have an event just for them, where they can learn about Jesus on their level, along with games, snacks and music.

After the event you'd be very welcome to join us in our cafe, where as first time guest you can enjoy a complimentary drink. We meet in Pathoekeweg 32, Brugge 8000, which is approximately five minutes outside of the central ring (easily accessible by car, bike or foot). In Freedom Brugge ALL are welcome, so come visit us sometime, we'd love to meet you!

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Freedom Bruges

Pathoekeweg 32
8000 Brugge

Starts 11.00am