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Everyone Matters Fund

The Everyone Matters Fund has been set up to provide financial support to people impacted by coronavirus, who have limited or no other help available to them.

The Everyone Matters Fund is making four types of financial grant:

1. Cash payments, where income has been lost
2. Financial support, to buy food and other essentials
3. Funding for medical treatment, so people can get the care they need
4. If there are other pressing, financial needs, we’ll consider supporting these too

You can give to the Everyone Matters Fund by following the link below. Everything given into the fund will be redistributed to people in need, or used to cover the costs of giving (eg, international bank transfer fees). Thank you for supporting the Everyone Matters Fund.

Partner With Us

If you are another church, not-for-profit or a business, and are interested in partnering with the Everyone Matters Fund, please email [email protected] or download our partnership pack.

Apply for Support

We are currently processing a large number of applications and we are unable to accept new applications at this time. Please check back in 24 hours as we may reopen for applications at a later date.

Helping Those in Significant Need

The Everyone Matters Fund supports people who have limited, or no other help available to them.

This means much of the fund’s support will be given to people in financially poorer parts of the world, where there is little or no: free healthcare; government support; social security; and/or access to health insurance.

If you are in a financially wealthier part of the world, but experiencing significant hardship or need, you are still welcome to apply to the fund for help. However, it is important to detail in your application that you are taking advantage of the other provision that is available to you (eg, government handouts, mortgage payment holidays etc), and why you are still in need.

It is possible, for any application, that we may respond with a request for further information, as we have a duty to ensure all funds are distributed appropriately and into pressing need.

We Can Only Give What We Receive

We can only distribute what we receive into the Everyone Matters Fund. It is likely, given the scale of the global pandemic, that we will get a lot of applications for support. Whilst we will endeavour to help as many people as possible, we are unlikely to approve every application for support, or we may respond by offering a lower level of support than applied for so that we can help a greater number of people in need.

Got Questions?

If you have any questions about the Everyone Matters Fund, please email us, or contact us via social media messaging platforms.